Taiwanese Eats

Taiwan is definitely a foodie-haven. Never miss out in pigging out when you visit this country. … More Taiwanese Eats


Taiwan More Time

It has been literally 10 years since my last visit to Taiwan. It’s funny because it’s so near and yet I keep on skipping the opportunity, yet  it probably is the reason as well. Last June, I finally got up and visited Taiwan once more. In all honesty, I got curious on how everything about it is trending nowadays – especially its food. … More Taiwan More Time

It’s D.C.

If you want something close to New England or even Boston, take a stop for a day or two …or even more in the capital of the United States. Situated in the state of Maryland, the District of Columbia or D.C. is a famous tourist attraction to thousands of locals and foreigners alike. … More It’s D.C.