Oh, San Fo! (a #UScape Story)

San Francisco has its own charm as other places I’ve been too. Nevertheless, it was different in its own way.
It is a city almost as busy as New York. It has the lights and the glamour, the paced streets everywhere, the rush hour traffic, but it’s not as fast-paced as NYC or as chill as Boston. Maybe it was the weather, maybe the Golden Gate bridge, maybe the streets that go up and down at every intersection, maybe the houses that lined them up, maybe the food or even the cable cars that run around the roads.
What you should know about SF are the houses that are lined up in majority of its roads. If you see adjacent homes and establishments designed uniquely, along steep hilly landscape, then you’re probably in San Francisco.
When you’re here, there are a lot of things to see. A single day would allow you to visit majority of the famous landmarks of the city. You can hop in the day tour bus or do the commute by yourself. Either way, the streets would welcome you with wonderful sights.
Gonna share to you, guys, the places I’ve been to.
The Golden Gate Bridge. You can’t be in San Francisco and not know about the Golden Gate bridge. If you have the chance to cross it, walk along the stretch of this 1.7 mile steel and travel along the cars that pass through. This suspension bridge is probably one of the most famous landmarks in the United States.
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA
The Golden Gate park would give you a good view of the Bridge. Here, you’ll see her full stature and how she glows in the sunlight. We were told that when it’s cold in SF, sometimes, the bridge is covered by fog so it’s not advisable to visit her in the early morning. Near noon would be a good time as you can see her bathe in the sunlight and you could always get that good pose for her.
Too bad we weren’t able to see her at night. She’ll most probably glisten in the moonlight.
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA
Don’t forget to try crossing the bridge if you have time.
The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. This place is another must see in San Francisco. Not that you need a show to be appreciate this place because trust me, half an hour visiting is worth it. If you see a structure with a dome-like roof, surrounded by a lake then you’re on the right place. I like how the architecture gives you a Greco-Roman vibe. . I’m not familiar with structures and their background though, but the art and history surely is reflected in the structures.
Pillars at the side of the Palace of Fine Arts
If you’re more of the nature person, the lake and the dome is the best place for you. If you’re the history and art geek like me, the pillars at the side would be a good place to linger for a while. Take a short walk around. It wouldn’t take you an hour in this place but you could stay if you feel like it. If you’re staying nearby, you can always go for a jog around the place.
The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre – 3301 Lyon St, San Francisco
Fisherman’s Wharf. The Fisherman’s Wharf is an 8 to 10 drive from the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre.
The Fisherman’s Wharf is famous for their variety if seafood dishes and shopping areas. You can always have a taste of their calamari and clam chowder on the famous soup bread. Just watch out for the seagulls and pigeons jumping and flying around. They’ll be expecting those pieces of bread when your full!
If you’re allergic to seafood, there are always other choices in the place and the common fast food chains are forever available just across the streets. And if you wanna go for some shopping, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a number of souvenir shops that would make you think you’re in Chinatown. But nope! Not yet Chinatown.
Although, I found stuff in SF a little bit pricey than other places I’ve been to…
If you’re more of the explorer than the shopper, then you can always hop on a boat for a cruise. There are a number of offered tours along Fisherman’s Wharf and most of them would take you for a ride right under the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge on the other side. Some other tours would include an Alcatraz Island visit, with additional fee, of course.
Alcatraz Island from Fisherman’s Wharf
You can spend a good two to three hours with lunch in Fisherman’s Wharf if you include shopping. Add another hour for the cruise if you prefer it as well. The Alcatraz tour would also take half of your day if you’re adding it up on your itinerary.
Lombard street. Another famous place in San Francisco is the Lombard street. Yup! The crooked road that goes down a steep hill.
Since we came here via bus, we were dropped off the intersection of Van Ness Avenue and Lombard street and we walked up to the famous Crooked road on top of the hilly slope.
It’s not an easy walk. Going up this steep hill is just like driving down numerous hairpin turns. Don’t worry, the pretty view behind you and the line of uniquely designed homes along the street.
Hairpin turns along colourful flower arrangements on Lombard St. Watch out for those cars! 🙂
We’ve been to the Golden Gate bridge, walked up Lombard, went food tripping and shopping at Fisherman’s Wharf… I guess that leaves the Twin Peaks Park for us.
I would suggest, a late afternoon visit at the park. Travelling by car probably is the easiest and fastest way to go to Twin Peaks. Just two miles of Market Street and you’ll reach Twin Peaks Boulevard. It’s easy to find, and hey, the park is free. It could be crowded; sometimes but expect chilly breeze in the afternoon so always bring some sweaters with you.
Downtown San Francisco from Twin peaks park
The park would reward you of a spectacular view of San Francisco. You can see the city in a hundred and eighty panoramic view.
Just a little tip: Near Market Street, you might want to pass by Castro district. If you see rainbow flags around, you’re on the right place. There are a lot of good eats in this area so you might wanna go for some chomp!
To wrap up your day, and before you go back to your hotel or find a bar to hang out, you might wanna pass by the San Francisco City Hall. Probably why this city is named as one of the most expensive cities in the US, well, the City Hall has a dome taller than the Capitol Hill and, according to our guide, has gold finish on it.
Silhouette of the San Francisco City hall at sunset.
It’s a bit crowded around the place so I wouldn’t suggest a longer stay. But it can never hurt to drop by this grand structure while you’re in the city.
I like San Francisco’s bustle and chill. The city is very much unique in its own way and I love walking around the place. Chinatown and Union Square are also places to visit. We went around there on our second day trip. We went to the malls, grab a cup of coffee, walked along Chinatown and grabbed some awesome Cheesecake from Union Square.
I’d definitely go back to this place. Maybe I’ll try the cable car next and visit Alcatraz island. I’ll go cross the Golden Gate Bridge next time! So, yup! I’ll definitely see you again, San Fo! This place might be expensive, but its beauty is worth it.

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