Baguio City Eats

Baguio City as it is termed, “The Summer Capital of the Philippines”, isn’t just a place to be in the summer. In fact, the city is also as packed, if not more, during the cold months in the country.

You could always chill in Burnham Park, or check out the Mansion, go a little bit of shopping and sightseeing at Mines View Park, or maybe visit Bencab Museum and SM Baguio.

This time though, as I visited the city on a December, I decided to check out some of the ‘trending’ restaurants over social media and give them a try.
No more to the usual family cook out for now. Me and my friends went out and tried places we haven’t.

So here are the lists of restaurants we tried out for 2 days of stay:

  1. Cafe by the Ruins
    This famous breakfast joint in Baguio city would always live for its fame. With an awesome ambiance inside and very good choices of food, you’ll never go wrong with it. It might be pricey for some, ranging from 300-400 a dish but trust me, they’re worth it. Just make sure to come by early. Usual waiting time for the place is 20-40 minutes so if you’re arriving later than 8am, grab a light snack on the way like taho or hot drinks.



Every dish goes with a bowl of fresh fruits, a cup of coffee and eggs cooked as you like . You get to choose from a variety of Filipino and Western breakfast so you don’t have to fret. 🙂

For our dishes, we ordered the following: “Bacon and Egg Rice; Baguio Longganisa and Angus Beef tapa”. I would say that I love the tapa and the longganisa. They have a unique salty and garlic-y taste that goes best with fried rice. Also, the longganisa is a local fave in Baguio so always try for that one.

Also, their place offers good coffee. If you’re a coffee person, you’ll probably not get enough of this and you’ll order another cup. This freshly brewed black coffee goes best with every meal they have. Those cute heart-shaped biscuit is actually sugar so don’t eat them! Just drop them on your cup as you wish.

I ordered another cup of cappuccino afterwards because hey, you’ll never get enough of their coffee.

2. Ketchup Food Community: Canto

Ready for some barbecue ribs? Canto is probably one of the best you could go to. The last time I was in Baguio, we failed to grab a seat on any of the Ketchup Food Community restaurants because they were all jam-packed. This time, we decided to visit around late lunch (2-3 in the afternoon). Unfortunately, there was still a long queue when we arrived. We stood in line for about 30-45 minutes until we finally get a seat.Probably one rule in Baguio City when looking for good meals: don’t turn your back on waiting lines. You’ll get your chance to sit and eat and enjoy the sumptuous meals they’ve prepared for you.

For our late lunch adventure, we tried their Taco salad which proves to be a very good appetizer. The salsa beef dip was oozing with flavour topped with cheddar cheese and olives.


You could also try the chili fries or dogs if you’re not up for some tacos. They also have Fishy and veggie pizza if that’s your thing. My companions were not the veggie and fish type so we skipped those.

Canto has a small variety of menu but make sure that you always go for their fall-off-the-bone Lomo ribs. It is highly seasoned, juicy and soft, and you would always get your money’s worth. For 400Php, you’ll get a full slab of ribs with matching mashed potatoes. This is already good to share for 2-3 people. If you want your own though, you could also go with the half slab for around 209Php. Both are just worth the pay.


Oh, and this always goes best with either rice or mashed potatoes, and if in season, always ask if they have Strawberry Smoothie.


3. Amare La Cucina

For a fancy evening with pasta and pizza, try the best brick oven pizza in Baguio city, Amare La Cucina. The place is cozy enough and there are a lot of available seats. Waiting time is just around 5-15 minutes.The place is situated in Albergo Hotel so they utilized the outside part of the restaurant. If you want the nice ambiance, tell them you wanna be seated inside. 🙂


Their pizza is the usual 12 inches size with 8 slices. We tried the white pizza with extra dashes of oregano and it was really good! and healthy!

Their pizza is very tasty. You wouldn’t even notice the taste of the greens because up until the dough, you’ll get that wonderful  taste of the pizza sauce and melted mozzarella. Their pizza dough are Pinoy-style, a bit dry but unburnt, and of course, hand-tossed. Two slices would already make you full.


For our pasta, we had the Ragu Bolognese and also we tried some of their Chicken Skewers. They were really good partners to the pizza. The chicken skewers easily became my fave.



And amongst all these, don’t forget to order (if you’re not a wine person), their famous mint Iced tea. This is a special blend of house tea topped with mint flavour that would surely quench your thirst.Plus, it adds up to the tomato-taste of the pizza once paired.


4. Kung Jeon Korean Palace

Who would say no to an awesome buffet Korean lunch? Kung Jeon Palace is one of the most famous Korean buffet restaurants in Baguio City. If you’re feeling the need to have hot soup and freshly cooked meat and spicy sides, then try checking this place out. Make sure your tummy is ready of the ride. You have a number of dishes to try.


For only 399Php per person, you get to enjoy a full buffet meal of various Korean dishes.


You get to choose whatever you want! Don’t forget to take the Samgyupsal (pork belly) and Woosamgyup (beef belly)! Also, their beef teriyaki is a must try! They’re juicy and soft and the taste of the teriyaki just oozes! 🙂


These meat grills always goes best with kimchi (fermented spicy veggie), rice, doenjang (fermented bean paste), sesame oil and fresh lettuce! This would usually make up the famous Korean Meat wrap that’s usually sold around 200+Php per 100gram in Metro Manila. So make the most out of this buffet style meal.

Every table is equipped with a grill and handy kitchen scissors and tongs used to cook your meal. Yes! You get to grill your own food here so they’re prepared however you like them. 🙂


There are also other cooked dishes in their menu. They have kimbap (Korean-style sushi roll), Pajeon (seafood and veggie pancakes), chapchae (sweet glass noodles), a number of other meals ranging from spicy tofu to sweet potatoes.

And don’t fret, they offer unlimited supply of cooked rice and water if every things gets too spicy for you.



Just make sure you don’t have leftovers!

5. Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop

Famous for its strawberry shortcake, Vizco’s is one of the old-time favourite cakeshop in Baguio City. With branches in Camp John Hay, Session road, and SM Baguio, you could always visit the shop to grab some of those awesome-tasting cakes and pastries.

But since you’re already in, you could always try for their dinner menu as well. When we came around 7pm on a Sunday, there wasn’t any waiting for their dine-in customers but, their cakeshop downstairs had a long line of customers.


Since we love chips, we ordered the Nacho supreme. This awesome appetizer surely is a must try. A plate of crunchy nacho chips topped with beef salsa, olives, cabbage, special mayo and melted cheese. It’s just so good, no one would tell you otherwise!


Vizco’s Tangy Fried chicken would also go best with any pasta of your choice. It’s fried chicken glazed with sweet and spicy barbecue sauce served with a ranch dressing. The ranch dressing had a little bit of garlic-y taste which really adds up to the flavour of the chicken. One plate is already good to share for 3-4 people.


Their fettuccine carbonara did not also disappoint. The serving might not be good for sharing but the taste was just a-ok! It’s has a rich cream flavour with a little bit of saltiness . There is a balance between the salty bacon bits, cheese, and the sweetness of onion and cream, add up the unique taste of bell pepper and mushroom.And it’s only worth 190Php.

The 6-inch Strawberry Shortcake was of course the star of the night. It could serve 4-6 people and just amounts to 375Php. They also have the standard 8-inch cake for 610Php. The shortcake was oozing with icing and fresh strawberries. They freshly baked and the chiffon was soft enough to melt in your mouth.


And a round of 5 restaurants in Baguio City for two days and they were all worth it. Some of them would be pricey, some not, but always remember: it’s the taste that counts!

Always try for new stuff. Experiment on food and discover awesome dishes every place has to offer. This is my very first foodie post, hopefully, there would be more! 🙂

PS. While you’re in Baguio, never forget to have that awesome Strawberry Taho that you could find in almost all the tourist spots!




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