It’s D.C.

Second time in DC and it’s a worthwhile trip! … More It’s D.C.



(Part One: Osaka adventure) Here’s part two of my Japan visit ranging from Days 3 to 8. As soon as we got off Tokyo Station from Osaka, we bought new passes for the subway lines. Tokyo Metro lines are not covered by JR Lines so we have to buy another batch of cards. This does … More Tokyo-venture

Konnichiwa, Japan! [Osaka and Shinkansen]

I would consider Japan as one of the most visited East Asian countries these days. The country is known for its unique culture that somehow still manages to mix the past and the present. And unlike other Asian countries, Japan was able to merge their cultural heritage to the technological advancement their country is going through. You gotta … More Konnichiwa, Japan! [Osaka and Shinkansen]

Visiting Siem Reap

Siem Reap has been a home to majestic temples in Northwestern Cambodia. A day or two of exploration of the city is enough for a glimpse and short experience of the architectural wonders plus gives you spare time to roam other parts of the city. Siem Reap is very accessible even to first time tourists … More Visiting Siem Reap